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Motorcycle Speedometer + Tachometer+ Odometer + Oil Level Gauge -Black

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    Support equipment in 14.5cm the following digital products, wide clip can stretch considerably, double clip clamping more solid, strong commonality to adapt to the four claw bottom sit, back clip four supporting feet have the rubber mat. Four base can be fixed between the diameter of 2 cm~3 cm above the tap handles and bar! When used in auto rearview mirror, rearview mirror to the length must be greater than 2.6 cm. If you handle bar is thinner, the leading you can adding more cushions, things like that yourself! Suitable for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, electric cars, etc.

    Key Features

    Body, Rear view Mirror

    Comes With

    1 x Holder

    Color: Black
    Material: Engineering Plastic
    Quantity: 1 Piece
    Dimensions: 3.98 in x 3.07 in x 4.53 in (10.1 cm x 7.8 cm x 11.5 cm)

    Weight: 3.46 oz (98 g)

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