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Nubeam NB-600 USB Rechargeable Bicycle Taillight - Wireless Anti-theft Alarm, Directional Turn Signal Light, Electronic Bell, Rear Lamp - Wireless Operation and Water Resistant

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  • FCC Certified. Multi-functional Tail Light with Wireless Anti-theft Alarm. Made in Korea
  • Easy to install on seat post (lighting unit) and on handlebar (Remote Control Unit, RCU) with flexible silicon mounting band
  • USB Rechargeable (Lithium Polymer batteris). 700mA for lighting unit and 200mA for remote control unit (RCU).
  • Water resistant (IPX4, tested by SGS)
  • 2 year warranty service covers materials and manufacturing defects on the LED light housing, electronics, LED, and the mounting bracket supplied & 1 year warranty covers rechargeable battery from the purchase date. Service is provided at no cost for any manufacturing defects (internal, electrical, functional, etc. problem with the device itself) not including physical damages due to customer negligence or outside forces.

If you need help with installation or troubleshooting, kindly use our Builder Locator to find builders near you. Builders are experts with motorized bicycles.

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