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0.20 oz. Permanent Threadlock

0.20 oz. Permanent Threadlock

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This full strength locking compound keeps fasteners in place until you need to remove them. The thread compound also prevents galling and corrosion of threads. The compound hardens in just 20-60 minutes and is resistant to gasoline, antifreeze, transmission fluid and oil.
Hardens in 20 to 60 minutes
Cures to full strength in 12 to 24 Hours
Resistant to gasoline, antifreeze, transmission fluid and oil
Operating temp: -65° to 300° F

Name 0.20 oz. Permanent Threadlock
SKU 96055
Brand HFT
Application Bolts, Studs, Bushings, Fasteners
Bond time 20 to 60 minutes
Curing time 12 to 24 Hours
Quantity 1
Solvent resistant (y/n) Yes
Temperature range (deg F) -65° to 300° F
Container size 0.20 oz.
Shipping Weight 0.10 lb.

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