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It all started back in 2000 in Encino, California when our company founder started working in the cell phone industry and offered products online with an eCommerce site. Within a few years he was joined by his partner, who brought technical, managerial, business development and merchandising expertise. Together they grew the business by listening to their customers needs and they expanded their product selection into outdoor advertising signs, balloons, air dancers and searchlights with another site.. With the fascination and hobby of engines the owner invested in a bicycle motor and attached it to his bike so he could travel from warehouse to warehouse more quickly. Soon all his warehouse neighbors were inquiring about buying the product and thus was creating selling to bike stores, distributors and to online customers. Today delivers a unique combination of high quality products with high end technology and keeping the personal touch with every customer. Our warm and knowledgeable staff, US Los Angeles based experts on the products we offer, providing 5 days-a-week customer service. Behind them stand some of the world's best manufacturers, ready to ship their high quality advertising products, bicycle motor engine, bicycle motor parts, bike frames and accessories, searchlight rentals, and many other outdoor products direct from their factories and warehouses to your home or business.

Our Company's 4 Simple Principles

Our company is based on 4 simple principles: good products, good service, good value, and the strength of a family that stands behind its websites and promises.

Why Buy from us?

  • Quality Products
  • Customer Service
  • Secure Shopping

We have pursued a single minded goal of assembling the best value, highest quality and broadest selection of online products for home, work, and play for over 8 years. Combine that with our family oriented business where we focus on the customer and on service and you get one thing consistently: Excellence.

You can purchase with confidence using our secure E-Commerce platform. We have also carefully selected manufacturing partners, and they deliver performance, style, elegance, craftsmanship, uncompromising quality and reliability. For example our GasBike motor engine and motor parts are only EPA approved products. Buyer Beware: Catalytic EPA approved mufflers cannot be made with chrome finish with present state of the art China technology. Some China suppliers say they have EPA approval but in fact are using fake EPA certifications obtained illegally to export to the USA and many of these kits have been observed on Ebay and many other websites.

8 Simple Reasons to Buy from us:

  • VALUE - Compare our prices and see!
  • QUALITY - Our Manufacturing Partners are the best in the business.
  • CHOICE - We have over 2 different shopping sites and thousands of products.
  • CONVENIENCE - Never leave home. Find it fast searching and fast checkout.
  • SERVICE - Convenient, well-organized - online - and live 5 days as well!
  • CUSTOMIZE - Thousands of our items, exactly the way you want them.
  • GUARANTEED SATISFACTION - Backed by top Manufacturers' Warranties.
  • FOR HOME or BUSINESS - Shop or rent for your home, restaurant, bar or office.

Customer Service Team

Can't see exactly what you need? Have questions about  or a product or need more information before placing an order? Call our knowledgeable Customer Service Team Monday-Friday 9:30AM-5:30PM Pacific Standard Time (PST) or contact us for more help. We offer great value for the money, excellent quality, fast efficient service and competitive prices & shipping rates.






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