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GasBike Racer Chain Drive Kit with HuaSheng 49cc 4-Stroke Engine Gas Motori

GasBike Racer Chain Drive Kit with HuaSheng 49cc 4-Stroke Engine Gas Motori

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NOTE: If you have a bicycle with a one-piece crank, you will need to buy a bottom bracket conversion kit separately. Please select option above.

Bottom Bracket Conversion Kit

GasBike Racer Chain Drive Kit with HuaSheng 49cc 4-Stroke Engine

This kit features a 49cc HuaSheng motor with Clutch Flyweight for 5/8 Tapered Shaft, using a chain drive single speed transmission. This kit includes a 2 piece wide crank kit, if the bike has a 1 piece crankset a conversion bottom bracket will need to be used.

4 Stroke engine kits are very different from 2 stroke kits in many ways. Building a 4 stroke bike is a little more involved then the two strokes, the extra effort is worth it. Pull start engine, not push start like the 2 strokes. Overall this type of engine is more reliable with more power and torque. With some of the larger cc motors, the top speeds far exceed the 2 strokes. Since these motors are larger in cc they are also larger in size and weight. Almost all bicycles will need to use a wider crank setup to clear the motor, the stock arms and pedals will hit the motor when pedaled as a regular bike. One piece cranks will also require a bottom bracket conversion set as well (not included).

This style of the engine might need slight modification to the bikes and will not fit all frames. 

Advantages of 4 Stroke Bicycle engine kits:

  • Use straight gas (no mixing oil with gas)
  • More Horsepower
  • More Torque
  • Quieter Engine

This 4-Stroke Kit includes::

  • HuaSheng 49cc with Centrifugal Clutch Engine (4-Stroke)
  • Chain Drive Centrifugal Clutch Transmission with 10 Tooth Sprocket
  • 2.5 L Gas Tank
  • Gasoline Tank Switch (AL)
  • Fuel Line #2
  • Fuel Filter
  • Improved Wide Pedal Crank
  • 44 Tooth Sprocket
  • Pineapple Bushing
  • Accelerograph Throttle Handle
  • Throttle Cable 50"
  • Mounting Plate
  • 415 Heavy Duty Chain
  • Idler Pulley Chain Tensioner
  • Chain Guard

  • No load RPM: 8500 Cooling: Forced Air
  • Displacement bore & stroke: 41.8 x 35.8
  • Power: 1.2KW @6800 rpm
  • Torque: 2.0Nm @4500 rpm
  • Engine net weight: 5.2 kg
  • Length x width x height: 247 mm x 225 mm x 335 mm
  • PTO shaft rotation: CCW centrifugal clutch
  • Crankcase oil change: 50 hours after the change, first at 10 hours operation
  • Rear mount engine has closed loop fuel system. V-Frame mount does not

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