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PHATMOTO® Electric Godzilla Scooter 10,000 Watt

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PHATMOTO® Electric Godzilla Scooter 10,000 Watt - Durable, Powerful & Safe


Get your fun level high with PHATMOTO® Electric Godzilla Scooter 10,000 Watt, the excitement you will get nowhere else. With a premium 72V 50A motor 10,000 Watt and 72V 40AH SX 20S8P battery with a warranty of 1 year, nothing could beat the experience you will get. Made to be the best ride with a smooth swing and sleek on-road fun session, PHATMOTO® Electric Godzilla Scooter is the best motor scooter any rider would want to experience. Add Cruise Control System 5A and 50-degree max climbing to your checklist because this is the level that PHATMOTO® Electric Godzilla Scooter will take you up. You will experience the best in the world on a Scooter.

Motor 72V, 50A, 10,000 Watt motor ( 5,000 watt front , 5,000 watt rear )
Battery 72V 40AH, SX 20S8P warranty 1 year
Controller  Cruise Control System 5A
Max climbing 50°
Oil Brake,Voltage Lock with seat
Packing Size 148*32*68cm
Unfolding Size 130*58*132cm
Folding Size
Lights Double U7 4 lights
Gross weight 68 KG
Net weight 65.8 KG

 The features of PHATMOTO® Electric Godzilla Scooter 1 include Oil Brake, Voltage Lock with a seat, and Double U7 4 lights. Regarding e-Scooters, keeping the type of body in check is necessary to ensure its durability, safety, and strength. Not only this, but to provide an enhanced experience, its outer body looks like a work of art, with vibrant colors and quality material. It is a masterpiece. With PHATMOTO® Electric Godzilla Scooter, you will feel a breeze on your face.


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