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Tips On How To Build A Street Legal Motorized Bicycle: That Will Save You a Lot of Aggravation and Money

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This book presents steps and numerous tips on how to build a safer street legal motorized bicycle. Even if your state does not have all these requirements, these typically make your bike safer. Please note that the motorized bicycle pictured on the cover of this book was a major project that took several months to build, as well as over $1,000.

The street legal motorized bicycle described in this book is easier to build and a lot cheaper than what I built.

It’s immensely important that you read the entire contents of each step before doing what’s suggested in a particular step. The truth is it would be best to read the entire contents of this book before building your bike. Please feel free though to deviate from any suggestions etc. that I list when building your bike if you think it is for the better.

If you need help with installation or troubleshooting, kindly use our Builder Locator to find builders near you. Builders are experts with motorized bicycles.

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